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Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style

Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style

Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style

CARAPOPULER.com – Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style. Wooden floors are an option that many people use when choosing floors for their homes.

Hardwood flooring not only enhances the features of any room, but is also known for its durability, strength, and longevity as a result, making it an ideal choice.

However, before deciding to install a wooden floor, there are several things to consider, the only one being the desired wood color. Exclusive wood colors will look better than others.

For example, if you want to highlight carpeting and furniture, a lighter wood tone will highlight it better than a dark wood floor. Choosing a color for hardwood floors can make a whole difference in the meaning of a home, so consider what style to achieve and talk to a reputable hardwood flooring supplier before making a final decision.

Reported by My Decorative, Monday (4/4/2022), here are a number of choices of wood floor colors that match your home.

For a more minimalist and contemporary style, more distinct wood tones or light woods are always a number one choice.

Variants such as Victorian Ash & Tasmanian Oak are often used in the latest design concepts as they can brighten up a space while adding a different clean and minimalist meaning to a home.

Wood Floor
Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style

Light wood floor tones are a great choice for standout rugs and furniture

Medium wood tone

Hardwood floors using medium hues come in warm brown, caramel, and amber tones. Medium wood tones have been the choice of many families for years because they bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and style to homes.

Dark wood tone

The deep and sultry color of dark wood flooring brings a powerful edge to your design style.

Darker woods such as Jarrah & Walnut can be stained almost black to accentuate white walls and add a sense of decency to any environment.

Dark wood is currently making its way back into the style market with many interior designers and home investors making it the number one choice.

Stylish choice of wood floor hues

American white oak

It is a fresh, brightly colored wood that is strong and durable. A prominent choice for many designers who use bold colored furniture and d├ęcor.

American white oak can be easily stained in a variety of hues or remains natural and only oiled so that it brings out the aesthetic of the pale tones in the wood.

Tasmanian oaks

From the eucalyptus family, Tasmanian oak is another light wood with a wide range of hues, from pale yellow to light reddish brown. This is another type of wood that is easy to stain, strong, durable, and multi-functional.


Matai is a native New Zealand variety and is a very popular choice among home designers. Falling into the medium hue category, Matai has a base hue that cuts through yellow, orange, and carmine with a cream sapwood outline.

The impermeable color and grain of Matai wood makes it an excellent choice for feature floors.


The wavy grain of the Walnut flooring is beautiful. From light brown to dark brown, Walnut embodies sophistication and elegance all its own.

Walnut wood is very attractive with an oil finish or can be darkened using a rich stain. It is a medium strength wood that is shock resistant and has natural insect repellent.


Jarrah is one of the most popular choices for hardwood floors currently on the design market. Grown in Western Australia, Jarrah is a darker wood, strong, durable and versatile.

In warm tones of deep red & dark brown, Jarrah puts a warmth and sophistication out of sync with other wood choices. Moreover, the tones of these hardwood floors can be colored to suit any preference and style.

Adorning many floors of interior designer projects, Jarrah has class and an aesthetic that is unmatched.

wood floor design
Wood Floor Design Ideas That Match Home Style

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